We are currently accepting applications from parents interested in having their child attend Eastgate Academy.

Because this is a big decision for you and your child, the admissions process provides several opportunities for you to learn about Eastgate Academy, and for us to learn about your goals for your child, their needs, interests and abilities.

Our admissions process is a chance for students, families and teachers to determine if Eastgate Academy is the right fit. It is a two-way process: we want to make sure that your child can flourish in our school with the kinds support that we provide, but we also want to help you to understand what we offer and determine whether it aligns with what you want for your child.

What's next?

The next step is to complete the application, which entails telling us a bit more about your family and your child’s educational background. You will also be asked to pay a $100 application fee which covers the cost of the admissions assessment.


The admissions assessment involves the student, family and other students who have applied to Eastgate Academy. Each student will complete an individual task involving some reading, writing, mathematics and critical thinking. Students will also work together in a collaborative problem-solving activity. These tasks are not about assessing whether each child is good enough or smart enough. Rather, the assessment is designed to give families a taste of what learning is like at Eastgate Academy, and to help us to understand whether this is the right fit. Both the parents and the student will have an interview during which they can tell us about their goals, interests and what they hope to achieve at Eastgate Academy. Of course this is also a time to ask questions or discuss any concerns.

Contact us to find out when the next admissions assessment date will be.